7Attic’s music is born of a clash of styles (and wills) between writer/producer, Robin Henderson, and writer/vocalist, Toy Valentine.


After escaping the clutches of pop-rock band, The Faders (Polydor), Toy returned to the comforting embrace of her often haunting, darker style with its whimsical


melodies and dreamy lyrics. She ran into the arms of Robin, pop-whore extraordinaire (‘filthy,’ whispers Toy), who warps her embryonic creations into synth driven, glittery dance tracks. Their music is an odd mix of styles, somehow seamlessly blended.


Their songs are rousing dance anthems about love, war and loss. Fighting words. They are written, recorded and produced in the attic from which the act

takes its name because, as everybody knows, all manner of treasures lurk in attics, just waiting to be found...